Technical Writing

Sometimes, after completing certain research, you get stuck on how to professionally put everything you’ve done into writing. At Kiwixcompo’s content writing service, we can take the short notes you’ve made during research and convert it into something meaningful.

Short eBooks/Story Books

Ever wondered having your own book? Be it story books for kids or short ebooks to teach people how to do specific things, our content writing service is also here to help with that. We will listen to the ideas you have on a certain topic, how you want the final copy to be, the […]

Press Release

Have a new product and want an announcement made for it? Have interesting news to share about your existing business or product? Well, whatever the reason might be, our content writing service is here to help you out with just that. We will write a clear and concise press release that will professionally convey that […]

Website Content

Websites are created for different reasons. However, the main goal is always to pass a message or to let people know about something. A company without a website isn’t yet considered to be complete. Businesses need the help of websites in order to describe exactly what it is that they are trying to pitch to […]

Whitepaper Proofreading

We write, rewrite and proofread ICO whitepaper at a reasonable quote and engage all efforts to ensure you receive the best of our service afterward.

X-Ray Check: Whitepaper Review

You already have an existing whitepaper, but you want to ensure that it follows all the standards for a professional whitepaper

Article Writing and Blog Posts

Looking to attract more readers and engagement to your existing website or blog? Then this is the right package for you. Our article writing and blog post package covers searched engine optimized contents, professionally written for the sole purpose of making your readers want more…  

BitcoinTalk Package

To get listed on an exchange, one of the key criteria is to have an ANN post on BitcoinTalk forum. We will be able to handle your BitcoinTalk account, create and post announcements and updates on new services and then respond to comments based on what how you see fit

ICO Whitepapers

We will deliver a sensationally compelling masterpiece whitepaper that not only attracts active members of the crypto community but convert them into investors.  
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