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Wordle Today: Will It Ruin The Gaming Experience?

The wordle game has gained quite the popularity it didn’t expect to get, especially early this year. Just the same as other word games out there, people tend to find shortcuts in trying to get answers once the game gets a bit trickier. Would you blame them? Oh wait…are you one of such people?

Games like Wordle, 4pics1word and any other puzzle game that have daily challenges tend to give us that rush to find the solution before the day runs out. This rush makes us try to do whatsoever we can to find those answers before the end of the day. The question is, does finding the “Wordle for Today” ruin the entire experience?

Wordle Today: A Quick Overview

If you are reading this, chances are, you already know what Wordle is. Like every other mobile game that involves solving a puzzle, there are websites out there that will provide solved versions of those quizzes or problems. As a Wordle gamer, once I get stuck on the daily challenge, I have an option to simply visit any of those websites to get the brain-cracking solution I have been looking for.

Does “Wordle Today” Spoil The Gaming Experience?

Despite how entertaining it may appear, “Wordle Today” actually detracts from the game experience by encouraging players to spend less time and effort actually coming up with the solution.

Depending on the type of game, hints are included to provide a guide to effortlessly and successfully navigate through areas that are assumed to probably become headaches while playing the game. These kinds of hints are provided by the game developers not to serve as spoilers, but to aid in smoothly playing the game. Developers know that when players get stuck for long, most tend to lose interest, and the best way to keep people engaged in the game is to give them a little push.

That said, “Wordle Today” is entirely different, in the sense that it’s not provided by the game developers. Third parties give the solution to the games based on the answers they’ve gotten for those daily challenges. This takes away the difficulty in the game, which in turn, makes players even lazy to try harder.

Final Thoughts

Game solutions from third parties aren’t totally a bad thing. They help us get past those roadblocks stopping us from reaching the next level. However, misusing them can totally ruin the experience the game was built to provide.

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