Why Do People Buy Facebook Accounts

Why Do People Buy Facebook Accounts?

There are many reasons why people buy Facebook accounts, and just as many reasons why they shouldn’t. However, when making this decision, it’s important to consider all of the factors involved so that you can make an informed decision that’s right for you and your business (if you have one).

The primary reason why individuals or companies buy Facebook accounts is to save time on establishing trust and concentrating more on pitching their products.

This activity of buying or selling Facebook accounts has become very popular in recent years. Keep reading to learn more about buying and selling of Facebook accounts, and if it’s something you should be doing. Hopefully, it should help you make the best decision possible.

Is Buying Facebook Accounts Even A Legal Thing To Do?

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Buying a Facebook account sounds like something that is not legally allowed however the same websites or services keep facilitating the process and encourage people to do so. So, what’s the legality behind this?

While we can’t legally say if buying accounts is a good idea or not, we can say with certainty that if you plan on purchasing more than one account, it would probably be wise to create fake information for each profile (user name and password) before you make your purchase. This will protect both you and your new owner from any trouble down the road.

Buying Facebook accounts is a controversial business practice. The social media giant doesn’t like it and actively tries to prevent its accounts from falling into new and unverified hands. Buying and selling accounts on social media have become a multi-million-dollar industry that exists in legal grey areas throughout Europe and America. On paper, you should be fined or arrested for buying a fake account on Facebook, right? but that almost never happens.

How Does Buying an Account on Facebook Work?

Here’s a step-by-step approach to what these account sellers do:

  1. Create a Facebook account
  2. Use fake information on the profile (name, place of work, school, etc.)
  3. Send friend requests to people living in a specific location
  4. Start posting content to gain people’s trust and establish some credibility on the account
  5. Once the account is fully established, find individuals or businesses who’re willing to buy accounts within followers or friends.

Generally, the price of an account is determined by two factors:

  • How long it has been in existence
  • The total number of friends or followers the account has

It’s against the law to hack someone else’s account, so accounts must be purchased directly from the original owner who often sets the price. Some sellers will even offer discounts if you pay them in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

7 Reasons Why People Buy Facebook Accounts

So why do people buy accounts on Facebook? The answer lies in personal branding. There are many reasons why people decide to buy Facebook accounts, some of which include:  

1. To Save Time For Gaining Trust

If you’re starting up a business, building your brand, and/or working to build an online community or following, you’re going to need a social media account, and Facebook is the first place most people go to. Building a new personal account (not associated with any other accounts you might have) is okay, but gaining trust can take a very long time. Buying pre-made accounts is much quicker, easier, and most importantly, comes with an already-trusted audience. This gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

2. To Help in Accessing Some Exclusive Offers

Some people also want to purchase Facebook accounts for the additional features and content that is only available to certain types of accounts. For example, some companies offer discounts or special promotions exclusively to Facebook Page administrators. In such cases, these offers can only be benefitted by those accounts that have admin privileges under certain pages.

3. To Increase Social Influence

By using a few purchased profiles as part of your social media strategy, you’ll be able to like, share, and retweet as if they were coming from 10 profiles all at once. Plus, there are no limits when it comes to how many profiles you can use for this purpose. Say you want to reach out to someone with 100k followers on Twitter but don’t have the capacity yourself? That’s not a problem! Just purchase 20 Facebook accounts and schedule them in advance. That way, when the person sees 20 different accounts asking them to check out your post, it’ll surely draw some attention.

You can use Hootsuite or another scheduling app like Buffer to post the content at predetermined times. You’ll be able to replicate your efforts over again across multiple platforms, which will boost your reputation as well as open up potential opportunities that weren’t available before.

4. To Give Access To A Bigger Audience

Having a strong social media presence is increasingly important for new businesses and existing businesses alike. If you’re running a startup that helps individuals gain new followers on social media, for example, you probably need a lot of those followers to market your product or service effectively.

Buying an account can help you grow faster than organic means will allow. Of course, if you have no interest in growing rapidly, then there’s no reason to buy an account. A bigger audience isn’t always better, at least not from a branding perspective. More specifically, starting with fake users means people who encounter your brand might give it less credence because they didn’t come across it organically or naturally; it just seems like something someone paid for!

5. To Gain A Higher Page Rank

One of your most important metrics is your number of fans, and having thousands more means you’ll rank higher for certain keywords. For instance, if you’re an e-commerce business selling a specific type of t-shirt (say, funny retro videogame shirts), you want to target users who are interested in buying a retro videogame t-shirt. And if you already have 10,000+ fans who like retro videogame stuff, then you’re going to show up first on results when people search for that kind of shirt. Having thousands more fans doesn’t just give you a ranking boost. It also makes it easier to buy ads on Facebook.

It’s for this particular reason that Omar and Melinda (professionals in Traffic, List Building, Conversion, and Scaling) built the Viral Traffic Boost System (this is an affiliate link and I will get a commission if you use it to make any purchase). Feel free to check it out.

6. To Gain More Credibility From User Engagements

When someone’s liking your photos, commenting on your posts, and responding to your questions, it’s likely that they actually care about what you have to say (even though you’re the one doing all the liking and commenting from different accounts). This helps you gain trust and more followers, which is really what it’s all about. No one likes a fake (even though that’s what it is).

Also, social proof (real or perceived) is often a factor that helps people decide whether or not to buy something from you. When they see other people doing business with you and referring others, they feel like there must be something good going on. “If so many people are buying from her/him then he/she must be legit!”. Buying Facebook accounts can help you achieve just that.

7. To Maintain Anonymity While Using Facebook

Another reason for buying Facebook accounts is wanting to hide your true identity from other users on the site. If someone doesn’t want any traceable information attached to their profile, then purchasing an account can seem like a viable option until they find another solution such as starting over with new friends, deleting old posts, etc.

You don’t have to pay any attention to what you post when your account is set up. This allows you to freely talk about sensitive topics, such as personal health issues, without worrying about people finding out who you are. Additionally, people who run businesses on a tight budget can use accounts that aren’t tied to their real names for customer service inquiries. There are numerous reasons why many prefer private accounts over public ones and there is definitely a huge market for purchasing accounts from others online.

Why Wouldn’t I Just Create My Own Profile?

As established earlier, one of the main purposes of buying Facebook accounts is to leverage the existing list of friends, who might have interacted with the account in one way or another. Of course, you can create yours, but are you patient enough to see it grow? How sure are you that you can have as many friends on the account? Even if you do, how certain are you that they will trust you to pitch a product to them (assuming you’re using the account for business)? Even if they end up trusting you, are they the perfect fit for the kind of products you’re selling?

After putting all these factors into consideration, you’ll realize that buying an already-established account is your next best bet (considering that there may be legalities you have to put in mind).

Where Can You Buy Facebook Accounts?

Although it’s possible to buy Facebook accounts on eBay, your best bet is to search for Facebook account sellers online. Many sellers will be located in developing countries and you’ll probably have more luck if you conduct business via Skype. When working with these sellers, be sure to use strong anti-malware software on your computer so you can be confident that any purchase won’t leave you with a virus on your machine. Also, when buying a Facebook account from someone else, make sure that they can confirm their identity and location before handing over any money. You wouldn’t want to get scammed out of thousands of dollars or end up putting yourself at risk of identity theft.

Read more on how to avoid getting scammed on Facebook Marketplaces here.

Categories of People Who Buy Facebook Accounts

Generally, people buy accounts to gain a number of different benefits. These benefits can be grouped into several categories, including personal and business needs. Some categories for account purchasing include:


In the personal category, people might purchase an account in order to avoid unwanted friend requests or messages on their other social media platforms or applications. An example would be someone who doesn’t want his/her family members contacting them on Facebook but does want to keep in touch with friends from high school or college.


For businesses, there are a variety of reasons why companies may purchase an account as well. One reason is that the company’s customers will think they are active on social media when they are not actually present at that time. Companies also buy accounts so that they can show up in searches more often than they otherwise would have been able to if they didn’t have an account set up themselves already.

What Are The Downsides Of Buying Facebook Accounts?

A great number of accounts on eBay and other places are made using fake likes, which can harm your brand because they give a false impression. Most fake accounts have no content on them or it’s all copied from another account. Neither of these things will help your credibility online at all. In fact, they’ll do quite the opposite. Fake likes will make people distrust your page and not want to follow you or connect with you at all. Having copies of a whole bunch of others’ posts as one of your own is also not only dishonest but unethical!

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