Select All Periods in Google Docs with This 1 Weird Tip

Select All Periods in Google Docs

Have you ever wanted to change the size of periods in your Google Doc but didn’t want to tediously select each one? Periods play an important role in readability, so getting the size just right can transform your document.

This guide will walk through multiple methods for selecting all periods to efficiently adjust the size in Google Docs. You’ll learn keyboard shortcuts, how to harness Find and Replace, and tricks for using add-ons. We’ll also cover tips to spice up periods with color, spacing, and fonts. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Manually changing period size is time-consuming. Use shortcuts or Find and Replace instead.
  • Keyboard shortcuts provide a quick way to adjust all text including periods.
  • Advanced Find and Replace add-ons allow powerful period-specific formatting.
  • Period size impacts readability. Go slightly larger for maximum clarity.
  • Periods can add flair with color, spacing, and font variations. Use judiciously.

How to Manually Change Period Size in Google Docs

Let’s start with the basics. One way to change period size in Google Docs is manually highlighting each one and adjusting the font size. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open your Google Doc.
  2. Use your mouse to highlight a period you want to resize.
  3. Go to the toolbar and select a new font size from the dropdown.
  4. Hit enter so the change takes effect.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for every single period in the document.

As you can see, this method is incredibly tedious! For an average length document, you’ll be clicking hundreds of times to resize each period individually.


  • Total control over every period


  • Extremely time consuming
  • Easy to miss periods
  • Inconsistent sizing likely

Obviously this manual approach needs some enhancement before it’s viable for most users. Next we’ll explore using keyboard shortcuts to speed things up.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Quickly Resize Periods

Keyboard shortcuts are a classic way to save time on repetitive tasks in Google Docs. Here’s how to leverage them for resizing periods:

  1. Select all text in the document using Ctrl/Command + A. This will highlight the full content including all periods.
  2. Open the font size dropdown on the toolbar.
  3. Use keyboard shortcuts to change the font size:
    • Ctrl + Shift + < = Decrease size
    • Ctrl + Shift + > = Increase size
  4. Hit enter so changes apply.

That’s it! With just a few shortcut keys you can swiftly resize every period along with all other text.


  • Extremely fast way to change all periods
  • Consistent sizing throughout


  • Resizes all text, not just periods
  • Can’t customize individual periods

The speed of this method can’t be beaten. But the lack of granular control over periods makes it less than ideal. Next let’s look at how Find and Replace gives us more customization.

Use Find and Replace to Select All Periods

Google Docs’ Find and Replace feature allows simple text-based searches. We can take advantage of this to isolate all periods for formatting!

Using Basic Find and Replace

Here are the steps to select periods with Find and Replace:

  1. Click Edit > Find and Replace (or Ctrl/Command + H).
  2. In the “Find” field, enter a period: .
  3. Leave the “Replace with” field blank.
  4. Click “Select all” then “OK.”

This will highlight every period in the document instantly! You can then change the size as needed.


  • Very fast way to target all periods
  • Allows granular control of period sizing


  • Can’t use keyboard shortcuts
  • Need to manually adjust each time

While basic Find and Replace gets the job done, we can further optimize this approach with some addons that open up keyboard shortcuts…

Using “Advanced Find and Replace” Add-On

The “Advanced Find and Replace” add-on for Google Docs takes the period selecting power even further:

  1. Click Add-ons > Advanced Find and Replace > Search and Replace.
  2. Enter . in the “Find” field.
  3. Click “Select All” then “Replace.”

Now here’s the game changer:

  1. With periods highlighted, use keyboard shortcuts to change size:
    • Ctrl + Shift + < = Smaller
    • Ctrl + Shift + > = Larger
  2. Hit enter to apply changes.

This add-on allows us to combine text-based period searches with convenient keyboard shortcuts for rapid resizing.


  • Fastest method for selecting all periods
  • Keyboard shortcut compatibility
  • Precise control over period sizing


  • Requires installing extra add-on

The advanced functionality of this add-on offers the best of speed and precision when selecting all periods to change the size.

Tips for Selecting Periods

When selecting periods using Find and Replace or add-ons, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use broad search terms like “.” to catch every period.
  • Be careful with special characters like “!” that may inadvertently get selected.
  • Double check changes before finalizing to catch any errors.
  • Use Ctrl+Z to quickly undo any unintended formatting.
  • Change selection color to easily see highlighted periods.
  • Start with subtle size changes then adjust as needed.

Formatting Tricks for Periods in Google Docs

Beyond sizing, periods present creative formatting opportunities in Google Docs:

Change Period Color

Color can emphasize periods or make them blend into text better with a matching hue. Here’s how to color periods:

  1. Select periods using Find and Replace or an add-on.
  2. Open the Text color dropdown on the toolbar.
  3. Choose a color to apply.
  4. Hit enter to finalize changes.

Use this sparingly to add flair or draw attention to key sentences.

Adjust Period Spacing

Increasing the spacing on either side of periods improves readability in dense text. Here’s how:

  1. With periods selected, click Format > Line and Paragraph Spacing.
  2. Under Spacing, increase “Before” and “After” spacing.
  3. Click Apply to save changes.

The extra breathing room can prevent periods from visually blurring together with text.

Change Period Font

Font changes like italics or bold allow periods to stand out:

  1. Select periods using methods above.
  2. Open the Font dropdown on the toolbar.
  3. Choose a font style like Italic.
  4. Hit enter to apply.

Use this feature sparingly to add creative flair to your document’s punctuation.

Period Sizing Best Practices

When it comes to resizing periods, keep these principles in mind:

  • Go slightly larger than default size for maximum readability.
  • Be consistent with period sizes throughout the document.
  • Avoid frequent size changes within single paragraphs.
  • Make body text periods larger than punctuation in headers and graphics.
  • Change size subtly. Avoid dramatic shifts.
  • Review changes on both desktop and mobile to ensure consistency.
  • Ask others to review changes to check readability.

With great punctuation comes great readability! Follow these tips as a guide when selecting all periods for resizing.


Adjusting the size of periods in your document helps enhance readability and communicate tone. Manually changing each one is far too time consuming given the hundreds that pepper most documents.

Leveraging shortcuts, Find and Replace, and the special powers of add-ons allows swift, targeted, and precise period size adjustments. Combining these text selection tools with keyboard shortcuts makes resizing a breeze.

Don’t settle for default punctuation. With a sprinkle of formatting magic, those tiny dots can transform from barely noticeable to impactful in seconds. So go ahead, pump up those periods and take your Google Doc’s readability to the next level!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make periods bigger in Google Docs?

A: Manually change the font size for each period or use keyboard shortcuts to automatically select all periods and change their size.

Q: How do I select all periods in Google Docs?

A: Use the “Find and Replace” or “Advanced Find and Replace” feature to select all periods and change their size.

Q: Can I change the color of periods in Google Docs?

A: Yes, you can change the color of periods by selecting them and changing their font color.

Q: Can I change the font of periods in Google Docs?

A: Yes, you can change the font of periods by selecting them and changing their font style.

Q: How do I change the spacing of periods in Google Docs?

A: You can change the spacing of periods by adjusting the line spacing or paragraph spacing in your document.

Q: What are some add-ons for changing the size of periods in Google Docs?

A: “Advanced Find and Replace” is a popular add-on for changing the size of periods in Google Docs.

Q: Can I change the size of all periods in my document at once?

A: Yes, you can use the “Find and Replace” or “Advanced Find and Replace” feature to change the size of all periods in your document at once.

Q: How do I use keyboard shortcuts to change the size of periods in Google Docs?

A: Press “Ctrl+Shift+.” to increase the size and “Ctrl+Shift+-” to decrease the size.

Q: Why is it important to have consistent period size in my document?

A: Consistent period size improves the readability and professionalism of your document.

Q: How can I make sure my document has consistent period size?

A: Use one of the methods outlined in this article to change the size of all periods in your document at once.

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