Remove Annoying Grimace Shake Filter on TikTok Videos with This 1 Tip

Remove Annoying Grimace Shake Filter on TikTok Videos with This 1 Tip

The Grimace Shake filter on TikTok has quickly become one of the app’s most popular effects. However, its overuse has led many users to find it downright annoying. In this post, we’ll explore what exactly the Grimace Shake filter is, why it’s so pervasive, and most importantly – how to easily remove it from your TikTok videos with just one simple trick.

Key Takeaways

  • The Grimace Shake filter adds a shaking effect to videos, distorting the footage in a “glitchy” manner.
  • Overuse of the filter can make videos harder to watch and negatively impact a creator’s reputation.
  • Removing the filter is simple – just tap the “Effects” button while editing your video and deselect Grimace Shake.
  • Alternative methods like third-party apps and downloading/reuploading can also eliminate the filter.
  • Improving video quality beyond removing Grimace Shake involves better lighting, stabilization, and engaging content.

Understanding the Grimace Shake Filter

The Grimace Shake filter first appeared on TikTok in late 2021 and quickly became one of the platform’s most popular effects for a simple reason – it’s dramatic. When enabled, the filter adds a warping, shaking effect to videos, making the footage look glitchy and distorted.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how it works:

  • It’s one of TikTok’s default “Effects” that users can easily enable when creating a video.
  • When applied, it randomly shakes and warps different parts of the frame throughout the video.
  • The shaking intensity and direction changes rapidly, creating an exaggerated, trippy effect.
  • It gives videos a surreal, “grimace-like” aesthetic that many find visually interesting.

So why has this filter become so widespread? Mostly because it’s an easy way for TikTokers to make their videos stand out and look “cool”. In moderation, the effect can be intriguing and add production value.

However, in excess, many find it simply annoying and overdone.

The Negative Effects of the Grimace Shake Filter

There’s no denying the Grimace Shake filter has become seriously overused on TikTok. When every other video employs the same trippy effect, it quickly gets tiring for viewers.

Overuse of Grimace Shake can negatively impact TikTok videos in a few key ways:

  • Makes videos harder to watch – The constant shaking and warping can actually make videos difficult to watch after a while. It may look artsy at first, but gets fatiguing on the eyes.
  • Distracts from the main content – The exaggerated shaking often draws attention away from the actual content of the video. Viewers focus more on the trippy effect than what the creator is trying to share.
  • Damages reputation – Heavy use of the filter can make creators seem unoriginal and reliant on filter tricks vs. quality content.
  • Provokes seizures – The intense shaking motion and distortions have been known to induce seizures in those vulnerable to photosensitive epilepsy.

So in many cases, removing the Grimace Shake filter can actually improve the viewing experience and reception of TikTok videos. But how exactly is it done?

The Solution to Remove the Grimace Shake Filter

Thankfully, removing the Grimace Shake filter from your TikTok videos is simple and only takes one easy step:

Tap the “Effects” button while editing your video and deselect the Grimace Shake filter.

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough:

  1. When editing your TikTok video, tap the “Effects” button on the bottom bar.
  2. This will open your “Applied Effects” where you’ll see Grimace Shake listed if it’s enabled.
  3. Tap the X icon next to Grimace Shake to remove the effect.
  4. The filter will be disabled and your video will return to normal!

And that’s all it takes to remove the shaking effect in just a few taps. No tricky workarounds required.

This method works both for new videos where you’ve already applied the filter, or old videos where you want to remove Grimace Shake retroactively.

Alternative Methods to Remove Grimace Shake

While the built-in effects editor is the easiest way to remove the filter, there are a couple alternative methods as well:

  • Third-party editing apps – Apps like Vita, CapCut, and Quick allow you to import TikTok videos and disable effects applied to the footage. Then you can re-export the video without Grimace Shake.
  • Downloading and reuploading – You can download the TikTok video to your device, then upload the original file again without effects. However, this can reduce video quality.

So if simply toggling the effect on/off doesn’t cut it, the editing app workaround does the trick. But in most cases, TikTok’s native editor has you covered.

Tips to Improve the Quality of Your TikTok Videos

Eliminating the Grimace Shake filter is a great first step to boost your TikTok video quality. But there are plenty of other tips to level up your content even further:


Proper lighting can make a world of difference. Avoid shadows or overexposure by:

  • Placing ring lights or softboxes in front/beside the camera.
  • Using natural lighting near windows during daytime.
  • Adding small LED lights to illuminate yourself in dark settings.


Shaky footage looks unprofessional. To shoot steady videos:

Engaging Content

At the end of the day, high quality content keeps viewers watching. Make sure your videos:

  • Clearly communicate your main message or purpose right away.
  • Maintain viewers’ interest through transitions, music, effects, etc.
  • Use captivating visuals to support the topic.
  • Keep a quick, entertaining pace to match TikTok’s style.

Follow these best practices, and your videos will instantly become more watchable.


While the Grimace Shake filter first offered an intriguing new effect, its oversaturation has made it more of a nuisance than novelty. By removing the distracting shaking effect with just a quick tap in the TikTok editor, you can massively boost the quality and watchability of your videos.

But achieving TikTok fame takes more than just removing one annoying filter. Levelling up your lighting, stabilization, editing skills, and most importantly, your content ideas will take your videos to the next level. By constantly improving your craft and keeping viewers engaged, you can build a loyal following and take your TikTok channel to new heights.

So don’t be afraid to remove tired effects that aren’t serving your videos anymore. Do what’s best for your content, your brand, and your viewers. After all, on TikTok, quality trumps everything else.

TikTok Grimace Shake Filter FAQs

Q: What is the Grimace Shake filter on TikTok?

A: The Grimace Shake filter is a popular effect that makes the video appear to shake and distort.

Q: Why do some people find the Grimace Shake filter annoying?

A: Some people find the effect disorienting or unpleasant to watch.

Q: How do I remove the Grimace Shake filter from my TikTok videos?

A: Use the “Stabilize” feature in the TikTok editor to remove the shaking effect.

Q: Is there a way to turn off the Grimace Shake filter for all TikTok videos?

A: No, you need to manually remove the effect from each video.

Q: Can I use the Stabilize feature to remove other effects from my TikTok videos?

A: Yes, the Stabilize feature can help smooth out any shaky or jittery footage.

Q: How do I access the TikTok editor?

A: Tap the “Edit” button on your TikTok video to access the editor.

Q: Is the Stabilize feature available on all versions of TikTok?

A: Yes, the Stabilize feature is available on both iOS and Android versions of TikTok.

Q: Will removing the Grimace Shake filter affect the quality of my TikTok video?

A: No, the Stabilize feature will not affect the quality of your video.

Q: Can I add other effects to my TikTok video after removing the Grimace Shake filter?

A: Yes, you can add other effects or filters to your video in the TikTok editor.

Q: Are there any other tips for improving the quality of my TikTok videos?

A: Use good lighting, stable camera positioning, and clear audio to improve the overall quality of your TikTok videos.

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