Is REELZ on YouTube TV?

Is REELZ on YouTube TV

Are you a fan of REELZ and wondering if you can watch it on YouTube TV? With more and more people cutting the cord these days, streaming services like YouTube TV are becoming popular alternatives to traditional cable.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about REELZ, YouTube TV, and how you can watch REELZ through streaming.

What is REELZ?

REELZ is an American digital cable channel that focuses on entertainment news and celebrity profiles. The network airs original series and specials covering the latest happenings in Hollywood.

Some of the popular shows on REELZ include:

  • Behind Closed Doors – Takes viewers inside the mansions, penthouses and estates of the rich and famous.
  • Autopsy: The Last Hours Of… – Examines the final days and events leading up to the death of a famous person.
  • CopyCat Killers – Reenacts true murder cases committed by criminals inspired by popular crime fiction.
Behind Closed DoorsGoes inside the homes of celebrities
Autopsy: The Last Hours Of…Investigates the deaths of famous people
CopyCat KillersReenacts murders inspired by fiction

REELZ has been growing in popularity over the past few years. According to the network, REELZ is available in over 70 million homes nationwide.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is a streaming service that provides live TV similar to a cable subscription. It offers over 85 channels covering entertainment, news, sports, and more.

Some key features of YouTube TV include:

  • Cloud DVR – Record unlimited shows and movies without storage limits.
  • Multiple screens – Stream on up to 3 devices simultaneously.
  • Video on demand – Watch a huge library of on-demand movies and shows.
  • No commitments – No long term contracts. Cancel anytime.

YouTube TV costs $64.99/month but offers a free trial so you can try it out risk-free.

It’s become a popular cable alternative thanks to its competitive channel lineup and perks like unlimited DVR. Over 5 million users have already made the switch to YouTube TV.

Is REELZ on YouTube TV?

Now onto the main question – can you watch REELZ on YouTube TV?

Unfortunately, REELZ is not currently available on YouTube TV as of October 2023. It is not part of the YouTube TV channel lineup.

YouTube TV does offer many popular entertainment channels like HGTV, Food Network, TBS, AMC, and more. However, REELZ has not yet been added to their available channels.

Entertainment Channels on YouTube TVREELZ availability
Food Network✅ Available
HGTV✅ Available
REELZ❌ Not available

So if you’re hoping to watch REELZ shows through YouTube TV specifically, you’ll be out of luck. But don’t worry, you still have plenty of options for streaming REELZ without cable which we’ll cover next.

Alternatives for Watching REELZ

While YouTube TV doesn’t offer REELZ, these streaming services do give you access to the channel:


Philo is a budget-friendly streaming TV service that includes REELZ in its channel lineup.

With Philo, you can stream REELZ live and watch shows on-demand for just $25/month. The service also offers 60+ channels so you can enjoy other entertainment, lifestyle and news options.

Philo has unlimited DVR, 3 simultaneous streams, and a free 7-day trial available.


DIRECTV STREAM (formerly known as AT&T TV) is a premium live TV streaming provider that offers REELZ.

Plans with over 140 channels start at $69.99/month. DIRECTV STREAM has unlimited DVR, 20 simultaneous streams, and lets you watch on up to 20 devices.

They offer a 5-day free trial to test it out.

Sling TV

With Sling TV’s Sling Blue package, you can get REELZ as part of the “Hollywood Extra” add-on pack for just $6 extra per month.

Sling Blue on its own is $35/month, so you can stream REELZ and 50+ channels for $41 total. DVR and on-demand options let you watch REELZ shows on your schedule.


Out of the live TV streaming services, fuboTV offers one of the most robust channel packages. The entry-level Pro plan has over 124 channels including REELZ for $69.99/month.

fuboTV grants you 250 hours of DVR space to record REELZ shows, with lookback capabilities to watch up to 72 hours after airing.

Streaming ServicePriceREELZ available?ProsCons
Philo$25/month✅ YesCheapest optionFewer channels
DIRECTV STREAM$69.99/month✅ YesTons of channelsMore expensive
Sling TV$41/month✅ YesAffordableNo DVR included
fuboTV$69.99/month✅ YesHuge channel lineupOne of the pricier options

How to Watch REELZ Without Cable

Don’t want to commit to a full streaming TV subscription? You can watch REELZ online without cable through these methods:


Download the REELZ channel app on your streaming devices like Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV. You can watch REELZ live, stream full episodes on-demand, and browse exclusive REELZ programming.

Authentication with your TV provider gets you full access. Without a provider log-in, you can still view a selection of REELZ shows.

REELZ Website

On REELZ.com, you can live stream REELZ plus watch full episodes online. Create a free account to unlock more content.

Similar to the app, you’ll get more options if you sign in through a cable provider. But their website still offers a decent selection without needing to log in.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime members can add REELZ to their Prime Video channels. This grants access to on-demand shows from the network.

After a 7-day free trial, it’s $0.99/month for the REELZ channel. A Prime membership runs $14.99/month.


Believe it or not, REELZ has a YouTube channel where you can watch clips and highlights for free. Full episodes are sometimes posted as well.

It’s a handy option for sampling REELZ shows to see what they’re all about.

REELZ Streaming OptionsPriceContent available
REELZ appFreeLive TV, some full episodes
REELZ websiteFreeLive TV, more full episodes
Amazon Prime Video$0.99/monthOn-demand shows
YouTubeFreeClips, some full episodes

While it takes some creativity, you can definitely watch REELZ without a traditional cable package. The streaming services and direct options above make it easier than ever to get your REELZ fix.

The Bottom Line

REELZ continues to grow as a popular entertainment network known for its addictive true crime and celebrity programming. Unfortunately, REELZ isn’t currently included with YouTube TV.

But you still have plenty of alternatives through streaming providers like Philo and DIRECTV STREAM, or direct options like the REELZ app, website, and more. Cutting cable doesn’t mean you have to lose access to channels like REELZ.

Streaming REELZ does require some combination of subscriptions, log-ins, and clever searching. But with this guide’s tips, you’ll be unlocking new ways to watch all your REELZ favorites online. The world of cord-cutting opens up more viewing flexibility anyway.

Now grab your snacks and get ready to binge your favorite REELZ shows – no cable box required.

Frequently Asked Questions about REELZ Availability

Q1: Is REELZ available on YouTube TV?

A1: No, REELZ is not currently available on YouTube TV.

Q2: Can I watch REELZ without cable?

A2: Yes, you can watch REELZ without cable by subscribing to a streaming service that offers the channel.

Q3: How much does it cost to watch REELZ without cable?

A3: You can watch REELZ without cable for as low as $5 a month.

Q4: What other streaming services offer REELZ?

A4: Other streaming services that offer REELZ include Sling TV, Philo, and fuboTV.

Q5: Can I watch REELZ live on YouTube TV?

A5: No, you cannot watch REELZ live on YouTube TV.

Q6: Is REELZ a premium channel?

A6: Yes, REELZ is a premium cable channel.

Q7: What type of programming does REELZ offer?

A7: REELZ offers programming related to celebrity news, true crime, and documentaries.

Q8: Can I watch REELZ on-demand?

A8: Yes, you can watch REELZ on-demand through some streaming services.

Q9: Is REELZ available on AlticeOne?

A9: It is unclear if REELZ is available on AlticeOne.

Q10: What other channels are available on YouTube TV?

A10: YouTube TV offers over 85 channels, including ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, and more.

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