How to Make Apps Bigger on iPhone

How to Make Apps Bigger on iPhone

Have you ever struggled to read app icons or text on your iPhone screen? With the trend toward larger smartphone screens, many apps haven’t scaled up text and icons, making for accessibility challenges, especially for users with visual impairments. Luckily, with a few tweaks to your settings and some helpful accessories, you can customize your iPhone experience for maximum readability. This comprehensive guide will walk you through various methods to make app icons, text, and the overall interface bigger on your iPhone. With simplicity, visual aids, and a dash of humor, we aim to make this often complex process of modifying your iPhone as easy as pie.

Adjust Those Display Settings

The first step to upscaling your iPhone’s interface is to dive into the display settings. Beneath the straightforward menus lie powerful tools to enlarge items on your screen. Don’t let the tech jargon intimidate you – we’ll explore the key settings in everyday language.

Size Matters: Text Size

Font size is an essential setting to modify if you want bigger text for improved readability. Here’s how to pump up the proverbial volume on your iPhone’s font:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select “Display & Brightness.”
  3. Under “Text Size,” use the slider to increase the text size or select the “Larger Text” option.

It’s that easy! You’ll see text instantly enlarge across your iPhone, in apps, menus, and more. No squinting required.

Pro Tip: You can use the “Larger Accessibility Sizes” option to push text sizes even bigger. It’s like a metaphorical bullhorn for text!

Embolden Your Words

If making text larger still doesn’t provide enough contrast and clarity, turning on Bold Text can help by thickening up text formatting.

To enable:

  1. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness
  2. Toggle on “Bold Text”

With this setting enabled, your iPhone will automatically boldface all text across the interface. It’s an easy way to add visual emphasis that improves legibility.

Zoom In on the Action

Another trick to make screen elements larger is using the Zoom display feature. With a few taps, you can magnify whatever is on your screen up to 500%. It’s like having a macro lens for your iPhone!

To zoom:

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom
  2. Toggle Zoom on
  3. Use double tap with three fingers to zoom in and out. You can increase max zoom under “Maximum Zoom Level.”

With this enabled, triple tap the screen whenever you need to zoom in on tiny text and icons. Handy!

Pro Tip: You can move around the screen while zoomed in to focus on specific areas. Pinch with three fingers to adjust zoom level.

Display SettingEffectHow to Change
Text SizeControls text size of apps/interfaceSettings > Display & Brightness > Text Size
Bold TextEnables bold font faceSettings > Display & Brightness > Bold Text
ZoomMagnifies screen up to 500%Settings > Accessibility > Zoom

Table 1: Key display settings for larger text and screen elements

With this trilogy of adjustments to your display and zoom settings, you’ll be on your way to boosting the size of text and icons across your iPhone’s interface for improved readability. It’s like giving yourself a front row seat at the big game. No more squinting or craning your neck just to read an app name.

Resizing Apps for BIG Impact

Once you’ve scaled up your iPhone’s overall interface, it’s time to tackle enlarging individual app icons for easier navigation between screens. Some apps play nice with your display settings, automatically enlarging alongside text size. Others stubbornly stay small, forcing you to take matters into your own hands.

Not to worry – with the right settings and apps, you can override any app’s default icon size. Let’s get started!

The “Settings” Setting

Your first stop is a familiar place – the Settings menu. Conveniently tucked away is an option specifically for resizing app icons.

Here’s how to find it:

  1. Open Settings > Display & Brightness
  2. Scroll down and select “App Icon Size”

From here you can choose a scaling percentage to uniformly enlarge icons. The max is 200% – double the normal size!

This is by far the simplest method. However, it scales all apps by the same percentage which may not suit those desiring custom sizes on a per-app basis. Enter the app store…

App Store to the Rescue

Your next strategy is seeking out third-party apps dedicated to resizing icons. The App Store offers several options to individually enlarge apps by percentage or even manually resize with a fingertip drag. Let’s look at some top choices.

Big Icon Maker

This aptly named app enables you to pinch and drag any icon to your desired dimensions. You can scale as needed based on an app’s text legibility.


  • Customization for each app icon
  • Intuitive pinch-to-resize
  • Also enlarges home screen text


  • Tedious to resize one by one
  • Doesn’t automatically resize newly added apps

Icon Resizer

Similar customization as Big Icon Maker but with batch editing to resize multiple at once.


  • Batch resize by category
  • Custom icon positions
  • iCloud sync between devices


  • Doesn’t resize newly added apps

Icon Size Manager

This one automatically scales newly downloaded apps based on settings and offers canned icon layouts.


  • Automatic resize new apps
  • Arrange icons neatly


  • Less individual customization

The optimal choice depends on your needs and how much time you want to invest tailoring icons. Test out a couple apps to see which workflow suits you. But for the most automation, Icon Size Managerwins.

AppHow It WorksPrice
Big Icon MakerManually pinch/drag icons to resize$2.99
Icon ResizerBatch resize icons + custom layouts$1.99
Icon Size ManagerAuto resize new apps + templates$3.99

Table 2: Top Apps for Resizing Icons

A few dollars gives you the power to scale icons on your home screen and apps folder to the perfect proportions for easy navigation and viewing. Now you can spotlight your most frequently used apps at maximum size.

Accessibility Features That Zoom in on Readability

Beyond display and icon settings, your iPhone offers a suite of accessibility features designed specifically for low vision users. Turn these on in Settings > Accessibility to employ powerful integrated magnification tools.

Bring In the Zoom Crew

We covered the Zoom feature previously to magnify your whole screen. But for more targeted zooming, here are two specialized alternatives:

Zoom – This option lets you double-tap the screen with two fingers to dynamically zoom in up to 500% on whatever you select. Triple tap to zoomed out.

Magnifier – Activating the Magnifier turns your iPhone into a digital magnifying glass. Panning and pinch-to-zoom give you control over the area of focus.

Zoom and Magnifier complement each other perfectly. Use Zoom for whole screen magnification and Magnifier to inspect details.

You can even combine Magnifier with Quick Actions:

  1. Enable Magnifier
  2. Set up a Quick Action for Magnifier by pressing the power button three times.
  3. Now Triple-clicking the power button anytime will launch Magnifier!

Text That Commands Attention

Lastly, be sure to revisit the “Larger Text” size option under Settings > Display & Brightness. Magnifying text sitewide is a critical low vision accommodation. Don’t be afraid to pump up Text Size beyond default sizes for maximum readability.

Pair text scaling with the essential Zoom tools, and you have a triple threat of accessibility features to make seeing small items a breeze. iPhone’s built-in magnification powers should not be overlooked when creating your optimal viewing experience.

FeatureWhat It DoesHow to Enable
ZoomDouble tap screen with two fingers to magnify view up to 500%Settings > Accessibility > Zoom
MagnifierDigital magnifying glass to examine details by panning/zoomingSettings > Accessibility > Magnifier
Larger TextScales up text across the iPhone interfaceSettings > Display & Brightness > Text Size

Table 3: Built-in Accessibility Features for Magnification

Fine-tune these settings to hone in on the right magnification strength for your vision needs. The big benefit is instant accessibility without any extra peripherals required.

Thinking Bigger with Your iPhone

Like Goldilocks testing bowls of porridge, you may have to try different methods until you find the combination that makes app icons, text, and everything in between just right for your eyesight. But the payoff will be well worth the effort.

Here’s a quick recap of the key strategies we covered to maximize and enlarge all aspects of your iPhone display:

  • Adjust display settings like Text Size, Bold Text, and Zoom
  • Use App Store apps to resize icons individually or in batches
  • Enable built-in Accessibility magnification tools like Zoom and Magnifier
  • Don’t forget about screen readers too for audio assistance!

While your iPhone offers many amplification options, you can also consider Apple’s Magnifier peripheral for an even larger field of view. And accessories like Lightning dock magnifiers can enlarge portions of the screen.

The main takeaway is that your iPhone is incredibly customizable – you just need to know where to look! Don’t settle for eye strain. With a myriad of magnification methods, you can tailor your iPhone’s interface to best suit your needs.

We hope this guide served as a helpful magnifying glass on the settings and apps that make apps bigger on iPhone. Go explore, tinker with sizing, and find your perfect visual experience. Here’s to reading, watching, and swiping with ease!


In conclusion, making apps and text bigger on your iPhone is readily achievable through a variety of means. Adjusting display and icon settings takes just a few taps, while App Store third-parties provide advanced customization. For those with low vision, Apple’s integrated accessibility magnification tools bring the full interface into focus. With this comprehensive guide, you now have multiple methods to enlarge apps and reduce eye strain. Here’s to properly sized apps and effortless reading on your iPhone!

Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone Display Customization

Q1: How do I make the text bigger on my iPhone?

A1: Go to “Settings” > “Display & Brightness” > “Text Size” and adjust the slider.

Q2: How do I make the icons bigger on my iPhone?

A2: Go to “Settings” > “Display & Brightness” > “View” and select “Zoomed.”

Q3: How do I zoom in on my iPhone screen?

A3: Go to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Zoom” and toggle it on.

Q4: How do I enable bold text on my iPhone?

A4: Go to “Settings” > “Display & Brightness” > “Text Size” and toggle on “Bold Text.”

Q5: How do I use the Magnifier feature on my iPhone?

A5: Go to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Magnifier” and toggle it on.

Q6: How do I enable Larger Text on my iPhone?

A6: Go to “Settings” > “Accessibility” > “Display & Text Size” > “Larger Text” and adjust the slider.

Q7: Can I change the size of app icons on my iPhone without jailbreaking?

A7: Yes, you can change the size of app icons by going to “Settings” > “Display & Brightness” > “View” and selecting “Zoomed.”

Q8: How do I make the keyboard bigger on my iPhone?

A8: Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Keyboard” > “Keyboards” > “Add New Keyboard” and select “Emoji.”

Q9: How do I make the Control Center icons bigger on my iPhone?

A9: Go to “Settings” > “Display & Brightness” > “View” and select “Zoomed.”

Q10: How do I make the Dock icons bigger on my iPhone?

A10: Go to “Settings” > “Display & Brightness” > “View” and select “Zoomed.”

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