How to Hide Likes on Instagram

How To Hide Likes on Instagram

When your Instagram followers like and comment on your post, the feeling is always a fantastic one. However, it isn’t always the case. In some cases, you don’t want the numbers to draw attention away from the actual message you’re trying to pass. The most crucial indicator of how well an Instagram post is doing on the platform are Likes and Shares. However, not every Instagram user wants to reveal how many people have liked or viewed their feed or specific Instagram photos.

These users may now conceal or reveal the number of likes and views on their own photos on Instagram. This implies that with the aid of this feature, other users will only be able to view a few user names together with the remaining likes represented as “and others,” as opposed to the typical numeric value that displays beneath an Instagram post. Keep reading to find out how to hide instagram likes.

Using Likes on Instagram as Social Currency

The arguments concerning the value of Instagram likes have frequently contradicted one another.

On Instagram, gaining real likes for a post is harder to come by. This is due to the fact that it is quite challenging to wow the audience in the flurry of so many posts and information. It takes a lot of thinking and works to attract a heart from someone. How many likes a post gets reflects how much people enjoyed your post.

Likes count might be just exciting for the general public who share content for amusement. However, for companies, likes are an important factor in determining how much engagement a post gives. On Instagram, there is a wide field of rival companies. Because of this, a company needs a lot of likes, comments, and shares to stand out from the competitors.

Hiding Instagram Posts Likes

Instagram now lets users hide likes from other Instagram accounts in addition to their own. Thus, neither you nor other users of the app will be able to see who has liked those photos as you browse through them or the number of likes on your Instagram account.

Look at these straightforward instructions to disable Instagram likes on both your own and other people’s posts.

How to Hide Likes on Instagram Posts by Others

Navigate to your Instagram profile and click the three black lines that look like a hamburger in the top right corner of the screen. In the top-left corner of the menu, choose Settings.

Select Privacy from the Settings menu.

Next, select Posts.

The toggle option to hide the Like and View counts may be found at the top of the Posts menu. Turn “on” the toggle to allow Instagram likes to be hidden.

How to Hide Likes on Your Own Instagram Posts in 3 Easy Steps

There are two techniques to conceal likes on your own Instagram pictures and videos. You may conceal your likes count before a new Instagram photo or video goes public if you do not want other people to see how many people have liked it.

When you get to the section where you may add a caption after you have finished composing the caption of your post, touch the Advanced Settings button at the very bottom of the page. You can choose to hide this post’s like and view counts in this section.

And once you’ve posted something on Instagram, go to that post and press the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen to turn off the like and view counts. The likes and views for your Instagram post can now be retrospectively concealed from other accounts by selecting the “Hide Like Count” option below.

Hiding Likes on The Desktop Version of Instagram

On the desktop version of Instagram, follow these steps to hide likes on other users’ posts:

Go to Instagram and select the image for your profile.

Choose Settings

Select Privacy and Security

Scroll down to the “Posts” section of the page and then click on the “Hide Like and View Counts” toggle.

Why Is Instagram Giving You the Option to Hide Your Like Count?

All Instagram users, however, don’t always have a positive experience. For the sole purpose of safeguarding its users, Instagram added this function. Instead of just enjoying uploading to the app, people devote too much time to getting likes. Followings, likes, and comments all contribute to perceptions of self-worth, according to social media research. particularly with regard to teens, who are undoubtedly the age group with the most internet vulnerability. According to research, if a post doesn’t receive a particular amount of likes, many people become discouraged from sharing and feel less confident about themselves.

The internet can be cruel at times. Bullies are everywhere. So, regrettably, there are instances when we must make decisions in order to safeguard ourselves online. Obviously, if everyone were kind, we wouldn’t need to alter anything to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. The importance of improving your mental wellness outweighs that of increasing your likes count. After all, likes don’t really reflect your true personality. Turn them off and act as though they don’t exist if they’re going to do harm. While no one will be able to see how many people have liked your photo, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Why Am I Unable to Hide Instagram Likes?

It’s not always possible to hide likes and view counts. So, the reason you can’t utilize it is probably due to your location. It is preferable to keep your app updated so that you don’t lose out on it, although Meta has not specifically said what plans there are for making it a worldwide feature.

You may also try moving your IP address to the United States (if you don’t live in the US) because most of Instagram’s new features are frequently tested within the US. So, you might be able to hide your likes and make use of other region-specific features by utilizing a phony IP. You can achieve this with the use of a VPN.

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How To Show Instagram Likes On Your Own Posts After Hiding Them

It is also possible to view the like count for any of your Instagram posts at any moment.

Go to the Posts area of your profile and open the desired post to see the likes and views you have hidden. To see the like count or the like and view counts, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the post.

How Will Hiding Likes on Your Own Posts Affect the Performance of Your Account?

Online environments can be hostile. Some people come here for a break or time-out, while others have created their whole careers on Instagram. Nevertheless, the seemingly innocuous “like count” may have an adverse effect on your mental health, regardless of whether you are an Instagram influencer with a large following, someone who uses the site to interact with their friends and small group, or someone who seldom posts.

Instagram came to the conclusion that their trial with hiding likes was “useful for some and unpleasant to others.” In order to provide Instagram users the best of both worlds, parent company “Meta” said in 2021 that they will offer the option to hide or unhide likes on their own posts or other users’ Instagram profiles. Users may concentrate on their content rather than how popular it is in this way.

Meaning that Instagram’s algorithm won’t alter even if you hide the like count on all of the posts in your own feed or on other people’s accounts.

As a result, you can simply go to the settings menu and adjust your feed’s settings if you do not want to view or share the number of likes on Instagram.

Rounding Up

Depending on how you see social media, it may have both positive and bad effects. Hiding likes on Instagram can improve the experience and value of reading through your feed. Additionally, you are free to publish your content without worrying about being evaluated depending on how many people like it.

Some would assert that by hiding their likes, they can concentrate on other aspects of engagement (such as comments, mentions, hashtags, and keywords). So, whatever the cause, using the procedures above, you may easily hide the number of likes.

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