How to Download YouTube Videos

There are plenty of ways to watch videos on YouTube, but if you’re interested in downloading the videos to your computer, tablet or smartphone, you’ll need another option. Fortunately, you can do this with a few simple steps. Keep reading to learn how to download YouTube videos onto your devices.

Converting YouTube Video Links into Direct Links

Sometimes, to download YouTube videos, all we need to do is convert the video links to direct links which we can later use either with a download manager or even directly from the browser itself. Here are some steps to take to achieve this:

  1. Copy and paste a YouTube video link into a text file.
  2. Add &fmt=18 to end of URL.
  3. Open a browser
  4. Go to Google and search for Video downloader.
  5. Once you’ve found one, copy its download URL.
  6. Paste that URL into your text file.
  7. Now add &fmts=18 in front of it (i.e., after pasting, it should look like https://YouTube-dl….&fmts=18).
  8. Save as a .html document on your desktop or somewhere else you can easily access from any computer with an Internet connection.
  9. Insert links into your email signature so it’s always available for easy access when you need it most.

Go Directly To The Video With A Browser Extension

There are a few browser extensions that can take you directly to a YouTube video without having to go through a page of results first. The best one is VideoSaver, which makes it easy to download any video from anywhere on the web with just one click. It even works in your browser’s private mode and incognito window, making it an ideal option for people who want to save videos from their work computers without anyone knowing about it. To use VideoSaver, all you have to do is install it as a browser extension (for Chrome or Firefox) and then drag its button into your bookmarks bar. Then all you have to do is to find a video and click on its button. You’ll get taken straight there!

Use An Online Service

There are a number of sites that will download videos for you, but there are plenty of free tools built right into your browser as well. There’s an in-browser app called DownThemAll! which works with Firefox and Chrome; a Safari plugin called Video Downloader, and a good old-fashioned Greasemonkey script for Firefox called FireGrabber. Use one or all of these tools to get what you want without ever leaving your browser. For example, even if you do use an online video service like YouTube, there’s no reason why you can’t also download it for later viewing on another device—say your smartphone or tablet—using one of these plugins.

Download Your Favorite YouTubers Content Offline

A huge downside of watching video content on YouTube is that you can’t enjoy it when you’re away from your data source. In order to download videos, there are two things you need to do: log into a Google account and enable your desired videos for offline viewing. To do so, click into your account settings in order to get access to your entire library, then select Available Offline. Once you’ve done that, any of your chosen content will automatically download and become accessible once you lose internet access. If a particular piece of content isn’t available for offline viewings—like live streams or some premium-content videos—it should show up with a grey Offline link beneath it in search results.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Mobile

It’s possible to download any YouTube video for free on your mobile device. This way you can save and watch them anywhere, at any time. There are several apps that can help you achieve download videos from YouTube on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices. These are all available on Google Play Store or iTunes, depending on your device: VidPaw (Android), MyVideoDownloader (iPhone/iPad) or 4K Video Downloader (Windows). Just search in the Google Play Store and download one of these apps or, better yet, install them as soon as you read how they work! The only thing they need is a Wi-Fi connection.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Pc

Since Google Chrome doesn’t offer an easy way to download a YouTube video, you need to head over to Firefox and use their built-in feature. Just visit your desired video on YouTube, right-click it and choose Save Video As… from the menu. You’ll be prompted with some options for downloading different formats of your chosen video. And that’s it! The video is now saved on your computer so you can watch it offline or wherever you like.

How To Convert YouTube Video To Mp3

To convert a video, you’ll need to download a converter and input a URL from which you want to grab it. You’ll also have to choose which format your video will be converted into. Convert2MP3 offers free options and more extensive paid ones. The process is fairly simple; just fill out your information and click Go! Once your file has been downloaded, you can play it wherever you like. No Internet connection is necessary!

How To Download YouTube Shorts

If you want access to everything on YouTube (including YouTube shorts), download the TubeOffline app. It lets you download full-length YouTube videos in MP4 format so you can watch them anywhere. This is particularly useful if you’re on a long trip and don’t have any cell service or Wi-Fi available, but it works equally well when travelling anywhere else. You can also use TubeOffline to store videos that aren’t available offline in your country—perfect for watching music videos or other controversial material without an Internet connection. Bonus: The newest version of TubeOffline has built-in search so you can find your favourite videos even faster! Just start typing and we’ll do all of the work for you! 🙂

How To Watch YouTube Offline

It’s no secret that there are millions of hours of video content on YouTube. It’s also no secret that it takes up a lot of space on your hard drive. A 10-minute clip can be 2 or 3 GB in size, depending on its resolution and how high you have your quality settings set. If you want to watch those videos offline—that is, when you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi connection—then download them first. You can do so through an app for both iOS and Android phones as well as on your desktop computer via the Google Chrome extension TubeOffline (works with Safari). How does it work? The app downloads every video listed on its search results page, based on keywords you enter.

How To Download YouTube Videos On Laptop Without Any Software

Do you want to download videos from YouTube but you are afraid that your internet service provider is going to catch you? There is no need for any kind of software or other online applications. You can download YouTube videos with a few clicks. First, visit YouTube and search for any video which you want to get as a copy on your pc. Then just click on it and wait for a few seconds. Now right-click anywhere on the screen and select the Clip option from the context menu. That’s all, just wait till downloading gets finished! Now launch another video from YouTube, paste or drag the link into a new window of your browser and see it playing in full-screen mode.

Well, that’s it! Hope this article has answered some of the questions you have on how to download YouTube videos. If you think I’ve missed anything or you probably have other methods not mentioned here, feel free to share in the comment section.

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