How to Connect Oticon Hearing Aids to iPhone

How to Connect Oticon Hearing Aids to iPhone

Have you recently gotten Oticon hearing aids and want to connect them to your iPhone? Connecting your hearing aids to your iPhone can be a game-changer, allowing you to stream audio and take calls directly to your hearing aids. But the process can seem daunting if you’ve never done it before. Not to worry! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you step-by-step through how to connect Oticon hearing aids to your iPhone.

Key Takeaways:

  • Connecting Oticon hearing aids to your iPhone is quick and easy with Bluetooth pairing. Just start the pairing process from your iPhone’s Accessibility settings.
  • Keep your iPhone and Oticon hearing aids close together during pairing, within 3-4 feet. This helps ensure a strong Bluetooth connection.
  • If you run into any trouble pairing, basic troubleshooting like restarting your devices or updating software usually resolves issues.
  • Connecting your hearing aids to your iPhone allows you to directly stream audio, take calls, and control settings right from your phone.

Connecting your Oticon hearing aids to your iPhone opens up an exciting world of connectivity and control. With just a few quick steps, which we’ll cover below, you can start streaming your favorite music, podcasts, audiobooks, and more straight into your hearing aids. Ready to get started? Let’s begin!

Step 1: Open iPhone Settings and Select “Accessibility”

The first step is to open up the Settings app on your iPhone. The Settings app is where you manage all your iPhone connections and features.

To open Settings:

  • On your iPhone’s home screen, tap the gray gear icon to launch the Settings app. The icon is usually on the bottom row of apps.

Once Settings opens, it’s time to select “Accessibility” to prepare for pairing.

  • In Settings, scroll down and tap “Accessibility.” It’s usually near the middle of the menu.

The Accessibility settings manage all of your iPhone’s capabilities for users with hearing, vision, motor, or other needs. This is where you’ll find the settings to connect your Oticon hearing aids via Bluetooth.

Step 2: Scroll Down and Select “Hearing Devices”

Now that you’re in the Accessibility settings, it’s time to choose “Hearing Devices.”

  • In Accessibility, scroll down until you see the “Hearing Devices” option. Tap it.

This screen allows you to manage connections between your iPhone and any Bluetooth hearing devices, including hearing aids and bone conduction headsets. Here’s where you’ll actually connect with your Oticon hearing aids.

Step 3: Put Oticon Hearing Aids Into Pairing Mode

Before your iPhone can discover your Oticon hearing aids, you need to put the hearing aids themselves into pairing mode. This makes the hearing aids visible to your iPhone for pairing.

To put your Oticon hearing aids into pairing mode:

  • Open the battery doors on both hearing aids if they are closed. This powers them on.
  • Place both hearing aids close to your iPhone, within 3-4 feet.
  • On both hearing aids, press and hold the push buttons for 5 seconds. Your hearing aids will likely play a melody when pairing mode activates.
  • On your iPhone, wait 15-20 seconds for your hearing aids to enter pairing mode. The small buttons on your hearing aids, usually near the bottom, are what you press and hold.

Now your Oticon hearing aids are discoverable and ready to connect!

Step 4: Select Your Hearing Aids When They Appear

Once pairing mode is activated on your Oticon hearing aids, they will become visible on your iPhone for pairing.

  • On your iPhone’s Hearing Devices screen, look under “Devices” for your hearing aids. You should see a name like “Oticon Opn S 1R” and “Oticon Opn S 2L.”
  • Tap on your right and left hearing aid names when they appear.

Your iPhone will have you confirm pairing to each hearing aid separately.

  • When a prompt appears for each hearing aid, tap “Pair” to confirm.

And that’s it! After tapping pair on both hearing aids, they will connect to your iPhone. You’ll see two connected icons below the hearing aid names when pairing is complete.

Now your Oticon hearing aids are linked to your iPhone via Bluetooth. You’re all set to start streaming audio and taking calls directly to your hearing aids.

Troubleshooting Tips for Pairing Issues

In most cases, pairing your Oticon hearing aids to your iPhone is quick and seamless. But if you happen to run into issues getting your hearing aids to connect, try these troubleshooting tips:

Check compatibility: First, confirm that your specific Oticon hearing aid models are compatible with iPhone pairing. Most Oticon models produced in the last 5-7 years support mobile phone connectivity, but it never hurts to double check. The product details for your hearing aids will specify iPhone compatibility.

Reboot devices: Sometimes simply restarting your iPhone and hearing aids can resolve minor glitches that prevent pairing. Power your hearing aids off and back on. And turn your iPhone completely off then back on. Then retry the pairing steps.

Update software: Make sure both your iPhone and hearing aids are running updated software. Outdated firmware can sometimes interfere with successful pairing. Connect your hearing aids to your computer and launch the Oticon ON app to download any available updates. Also go to Settings > General > Software Update on your iPhone to update to the latest iOS version. With updated software on both sides, try pairing again.

Re-pair from scratch: If you’ve tried pairing before unsuccessfully, try un-pairing the hearing aids from your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings. This clears out any prior pairing attempts. Then rediscover the hearing aids and go through the pairing process from the beginning. Start fresh.

Contact support: If you still can’t get your iPhone paired after trying these steps, contact Oticon support. They can provide personalized troubleshooting and tech support to help identify any underlying issues preventing pairing.

With some focused troubleshooting, you should be able to get past any pesky pairing problems. But if issues persist, don’t hesitate to reach out to Oticon or your hearing healthcare professional for assistance.

Enjoy Direct Audio Streaming and Control

Once your Oticon hearing aids are successfully connected to your iPhone, a whole new world of wireless functionality opens up. Here are just a few of the cool things you can do:

Stream music: Instead of using earbuds, you can now stream music, podcasts, audiobooks and more directly from your iPhone into your hearing aids. Just use the volume buttons on your Oticon hearing aids to adjust the audio.

Make calls: When your iPhone rings, you can answer calls by tapping your hearing aids – no need to grab your phone. The call audio streams seamlessly into your ears.

Customize settings: Use your iPhone to remotely adjust settings on your hearing aids like volume, programs, and more. It’s like having a pocket-sized remote control.

Use as microphone: Leave your iPhone across the room and still hear conversations transmitted wirelessly to your hearing aids when you enable the microphone feature.

Find lost hearing aids: If you misplace a hearing aid, use the Find My feature in iPhone settings to locate it with a sound prompt.

With a quick and easy Bluetooth pairing process, you and your Oticon hearing aids can stay connected to your iPhone and all it has to offer. So be sure to take full advantage of these convenient capabilities.

And if you have any other questions about using Oticon hearing aids with your iPhone, your hearing healthcare professional is there to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Enjoy your new world of wireless hearing!

An Essential Part of the Connected Life

In our increasingly wireless world, the ability to connect your hearing aids to your smartphone has become an indispensable part of the experience. With Oticon hearing aids paired to your iPhone, you can fully immerse yourself in the modern connected lifestyle.

Music, movies, audiobooks, podcasts, and more are instantly streamed right into your ears in amazing quality. You don’t miss important conversations from across the room. And you can even change hearing aid settings on the fly with just a tap or two on your phone.

Staying linked in to this wireless ecosystem also keeps you from feeling disconnected from family and friends who are constantly on their smart devices. You become part of the conversation rather than being left out. And being able to use common consumer tech products improves confidence and independence when hearing loss might otherwise get in the way.

So much happens through our phones now that missing out is no longer an option. Connecting your Oticon hearing aids takes just minutes and brings you fully into the fold. Don’t wait any longer to pair your hearing aids with your iPhone! Seamless connectivity awaits.

Stay Linked In to Better Hearing

Hearing aids amplified by iPhone connectivity represent a total life-changing package for your hearing health. With a vast array of streaming capabilities in your pocket alongside customized amplification suited to your individual loss, you get the best of both worlds.

The high-tech synergy supercharges your hearing aids’ performance. Pressing a button to switch into streaming mode seamlessly opens up a portal to everything happening on your phone. The same hearing aids isolating your conversations over dinner with family immediately pipe in music from your iPhone on demand.

All customizable via either device to best fit your soundscape in any environment. And adding in the Find My feature means hearing aids disappearing under couch cushions or in pockets become a thing of the past. With Bluetooth pairing, you stay wirelessly linked to better hearing wherever life takes you.

So take that step and pair your Oticon hearing aids with your iPhone. The wide world of connectivity awaits you. Make the connection today.

Conclusion: Seamless Pairing for Seamless Hearing

Connecting your Oticon hearing aids to your iPhone is easy and quick with just a few steps – open your iPhone settings, activate pairing mode on your hearing aids, select them when they pop up in your iPhone Bluetooth settings, and tap to connect.

Taking the time to pair allows you to stream phone calls, music, videos and more straight into your hearing aids. You can also use your iPhone as a remote to control volume, programs and other settings. By linking your Oticon hearing aids into the iOS ecosystem, you ensure the full hearing experience.

While occasionally minor troubleshooting may be needed, overall the process is quite smooth. And pairing means no more hearing aid battery doors popping open unexpectedly! With a secure Bluetooth link, you can focus on hearing your best without distractions.

So don’t hesitate to pair your Oticon hearing aids with your iPhone. With just a bit of time invested up front, you open up a world of seamless streaming and control at your fingertips. Your hearing aids become an extension of your iPhone’s functionality. Completely connected hearing is just a few taps away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I connect my Oticon hearing aids to my iPhone?

A: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, scroll down to Accessibility, and then to Hearing Devices. Put the hearing aids in pairing mode and select them when prompted to pair.

Q: Why won’t my Oticon hearing aids connect to my iPhone?

A: Check if the hearing aids are compatible with the iPhone, make sure they are turned on and in pairing mode, restart both devices, and update to the latest software version.

Q: Can I stream phone calls and audio directly through my Oticon hearing aids?

A: Yes, once your hearing aids are connected to your iPhone, you can stream phone calls and audio directly through them.

Q: How do I put my Oticon hearing aids in pairing mode?

A: If you have rechargeable hearing aids, push and hold the bottom rocker button until the light turns orange. If you have non-rechargeable hearing aids, open and close the battery doors to put them in pairing mode.

Q: What should I do if I can only pair one of my Oticon hearing aids to my iPhone?

A: Try restarting both devices and putting the hearing aids in pairing mode again. If the issue persists, contact your hearing healthcare professional.

Q: How do I update the software on my Oticon hearing aids?

A: You can update the software on your hearing aids using the Oticon ON App or by visiting your hearing healthcare professional.

Q: Can I connect my Oticon hearing aids to other devices besides my iPhone?

A: Yes, Oticon hearing aids can be connected to a variety of wireless accessories, including TV adapters and remote controls.

Q: What should I do if I’m having trouble connecting my Oticon hearing aids to a wireless accessory?

A: Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of the accessory and make sure your hearing aids are turned on and in range of the accessory.

Q: How do I find out if my Oticon hearing aids are compatible with a specific wireless accessory?

A: Check the compatibility guide provided by Oticon or contact their Connectivity Helpline for assistance.

Q: What is the Oticon Companion app and how can it help me connect my hearing aids to my iPhone?

A: The Oticon Companion app is an all-in-one solution that lets you easily control your hearing aids and hold virtual fitting appointments via RemoteCare from your mobile device.

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