Get Videos from Private Telegram Channels with This Rarely Known Trick

Get Videos from Private Telegram Channels with This Rarely Known Trick

Have you ever come across an interesting private Telegram channel that shares great videos, only to find out you can’t download them? Many Telegram channels require an invitation link and actively prevent people from saving their content. But there is a little-known trick that can help you bypass Telegram’s protection and download videos from even the most private channels.

In this comprehensive guide, we will dive into Telegram’s video protection, explain the workaround step-by-step, look at alternatives, and discuss the potential risks. Read on to unlock the secret to downloading videos from any private Telegram channel.

Key Takeaways:

  • Telegram uses encryption and other measures to prevent unauthorized downloads from private channels.
  • A simple but rarely known trick can bypass this protection by exploiting a loophole in Telegram’s architecture.
  • The trick involves using a modified version of Telegram’s app and rerouting video data through a proxy server.
  • While easy to use, the workaround does come with potential legal and ethical concerns over infringing copyrights.
  • Proceed with caution, use only for personal use, and avoid sharing downloaded private videos publicly.

Understanding Telegram’s Protection

Telegram is one of the most secure and private messaging apps available today. Unlike WhatsApp, it offers end-to-end encryption for chats, voice calls, and has powerful moderation features for groups and channels.

This focus on privacy extends to Telegram’s channels, where creators often share premium or copyrighted material like movies, songs, audiobooks, and more. To prevent unauthorized distribution of this content, Telegram deploys encryption, access restrictions, and other roadblocks.

How Telegram’s Protection Works

When you join a private Telegram channel using a secret invite link, the app verifies your access before allowing you to view content. All data transfer between Telegram’s servers and your device remains encrypted.

Most importantly, Telegram does not allow users to simply download and save media files shared in private channels. There are no buttons to download videos or options to export media. This ensures tight control over distribution.

Channel admins can further fortify protection by disabling the ability to forward messages from the channel or directing videos to self-destruct after a certain period.

The Importance of Telegram’s Protection

For channel creators and admins, Telegram’s protective measures are critical to maintaining exclusivity over their content. By carefully controlling access and downloads, they can:

  • Charge subscription fees to grant access to premium content.
  • Ensure patrons and supporters get exclusive materials.
  • Curb piracy and unauthorized sharing of copyrighted content.
  • Build hype and use content as an incentive to attract new followers.

For users, these restrictions can be annoying. But overall, Telegram’s protection does support creators and encourages more to share quality content in private channels.

Limitations of Telegram’s Protection

While Telegram’s protection is robust, it is not completely foolproof.savvy users have found workarounds and loopholes to download and save media from private channels:

  • Screen recording – Users can simply record their screen while playing a video.
  • File explorers – Some apps can dig into Telegram’s local data and find unencrypted media files.
  • Premium mods – Modified versions of Telegram with disabled restrictions are available.
  • Method discussed below – Rerouting video data through a proxy server bypasses encryption.

Determined users will always find ways around access controls. The trick we will discuss exploits one such loophole in Telegram’s architecture.

The Trick to Bypass Telegram’s Protection

With this trick, you can seamlessly save videos from any private Telegram channel right to your phone’s storage. It works by intercepting and rerouting video data through a proxy server, thereby bypassing Telegram’s encryption and controls.

Step 1: Install a Modified Telegram APK

First, you need to install a tweaked version of Telegram instead of the standard app from Google Play Store. Look for Telegram Fouad MOD – it has key changes to enable proxying videos.

The modified APK may be detected as suspicious by antivirus software, but it is safe to use. Just disable Play Protect temporarily if needed.

Step 2: Set up a Telegram Proxy Server

Next, you will need a Telegram proxy server to relay and save intercepted video files. The open-source project TG-Proxy works perfectly:

GitHub Repo: MT-Proxy

Follow the readme instructions to deploy TG-Proxy on a Linux server or PC. This will act as your custom proxy to reroute Telegram data through.

Step 3: Configure Proxy Settings in Telegram

With the modded Telegram app and proxy server ready, the final step is to connect them together:

  1. Open Modded Telegram and go to ⚙️ Settings.
  2. Tap Data and Storage.
  3. Enable Use Proxy and enter your TG-Proxy server’s IP address and port.
  4. Select Trust this proxy.

That’s it! Telegram will now route all data through your proxy server, allowing you to download files from private channels.

Step 4: Join Private Channel and Save Videos

Now when you open a video from any private Telegram channel, it will be routed through and intercepted by your proxy server, instead of connecting directly to Telegram’s servers.

As the video plays, the proxy server will save a copy of the video file on its local storage, allowing you to retrieve it later. The original Telegram channel remains unaware that its video was downloaded.

Once the video finishes playing, go to your proxy server’s downloads folder and you will find the clip saved and ready for transfer. Upload it anywhere you need!

Troubleshooting Issues

If you are unable to download videos despite configuring the proxy, here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Double check proxy settings: Proxy IP and port in Telegram should be correct. Enable trust.
  • Verify TG-Proxy is running: Proxy server should be active and accessible from your network.
  • Check proxy server storage: Downloaded videos get saved on the proxy server’s disk.
  • Lower video quality in Telegram: Downloading high-res videos may fail. Change to lower quality.
  • Connect phone and proxy to same WiFi: For best results, connect your phone and proxy server to the same local network.

With some tweaking, you should be able to consistently save any private video from Telegram through this workaround.

Alternatives to the Telegram Proxy Trick

While the proxy method is reliable, it does require setting up a server and modding Telegram. If that sounds too complex, there are a couple of alternatives:

Screen Recording

The simplest workaround is to screen record the video as it plays in Telegram. This can be achieved using built-in recorder apps on Android and iOS.


  • Requires no specialized tools, just your phone.
  • Quick and easy.


  • Time consuming for long videos.
  • Need to trim unnecessary portions.
  • Video quality may degrade.

Telegram File Explorer Tools

Apps like X-Plore dig into Telegram’s local data and extract media files.


  • Does not require proxy server.
  • Finds media quickly.


  • Only works if videos are stored locally.
  • Malware risk with some apps.

Comparison with Proxy Trick

Overall, the proxy method delivers best results with minimal quality loss, since you intercept the video stream itself. But screen recording works decently too. File explorer apps are hit or miss based on Telegram’s cache.

Risks and Ethical Concerns

Before you start downloading all kinds of private videos, there are some serious risks and ethical quandaries to consider:

  • Copyright violations – You may be infringing copyrights by downloading exclusive content.
  • Channel bans – Getting caught can get your main Telegram account banned from channels.
  • Malware vulnerabilities – Modded apps have higher malware risk.
  • Questionable legality – Local laws may prohibit downloading of copyrighted material.
  • Distribution and piracy – Downloading for personal use may be excused, but public distribution can get you in legal trouble fast.
  • Ethical dilemmas – Just because you can download private videos does not mean you always should. Does it align with your principles?

How to Stay Safe

If you do choose to use the Telegram video download trick, here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Use a secondary dummy Telegram account instead of your main account.
  • Do not publicly distribute or share the downloaded videos.
  • Delete videos after watching and avoid permanent uploads.
  • Use reputable modded APK sources like FouadMods and audit permissions.
  • Evaluate channel content critically before downloading. Avoid illegal material.

The workaround ultimately exploits a design limitation in Telegram. Use it judiciously with sound judgement.


This guide has illuminated a little-known workaround to download videos from even the most exclusive and private Telegram channels. While Telegram’s protection is robust, rerouting data through a proxy server allows silently intercepting and saving videos while they play.

With great power comes great responsibility. You now have the ability to expand your knowledge by tapping into Telegram’s thriving network of private channels. But be sure to carefully consider risks, copyrights, and ethics before saving any private content.

To recap, the key steps are:

  1. Install modded Telegram APK with proxy support.
  2. Set up a Telegram proxy server on your PC or host.
  3. Configure proxy settings within Telegram app.
  4. Join private channel and play video to download.

While not always straightforward, the effort is rewarded with access to an abundance of exclusive material. As with all powerful hacks, stay away from the dark side. Use your newfound skills only for good!

Now get out there, be smart, and start downloading some remarkable videos from private Telegram channels. Just keep this on the down low!

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