8 Ways Instagram Makes Money (You Probably Didn’t Know)


Instagram, the popular social media platform owned by Facebook, has made waves in the past year with its innovative features, its growing user base, and of course, its quirky filters. The photo-sharing social media platform was sold to Facebook in 2012 for $1 billion, so you might think the company relies on advertising and sponsored … Read more

Can Humans Be Cloned? The Possibilities Are Thrilling

can humans be cloned

The idea of cloning has been around since the 1960s when scientists tried to clone frogs and other animals. Now that the technology has improved, there are several companies hoping to bring human cloning to reality, including one company that claims to have successfully cloned a human embryo. However, according to most scientists, cloning humans … Read more

Are Robots Real? Fascinating Facts That Prove They’re Real

Are Robots Real?

How real are robots? Most people, even those familiar with technology, don’t know the full extent of what these machines can do, or how many different ways they’re used in the modern world. Robots are everywhere, and this article will show you some fascinating examples of their real-world applications and uses. History of robots While … Read more

The Different Types of Renewable Energy: Why We Need Them All

Ever since the industrial revolution, human beings have been dependent on non-renewable energy sources like coal and oil to power our world’s major industries. Today, however, as more people are becoming aware of the fact that these energy sources are limited in supply and harmful to the environment, there has been an increase in the … Read more