7 Interesting Facts About The Telescope Fish

Interesting Facts About The Telescope Fish

The telescope fish is also known as the long-eye or masked goby. These beautiful little fishes are found in tropical and subtropical waters around the globe. They’re fairly small and tend to lurk at the bottom of their watery home most of the time, so you probably won’t see them unless you’re looking for them. … Read more

40 General Science Quiz General Kno...
40 General Science Quiz General Knowledge Questions and Answers | Part - 1 (in English)

Is AWS Really Safe From Being Hacked?

Can Cloud Amazon Web Services Aws Be Hacked

‍The cyber threat landscape is changing and customers are demanding that vendors meet new security expectations. These two trends mean cloud security grows more important than ever for vendors like Amazon Web Services (AWS), which operate massive data centers where third parties can launch, store, and scale software applications. The risk of a data breach … Read more

Text To Graph Machine Learning: Addressing Things You Should Know

Text To Graph Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms have exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to the rise of AI and its applications across industries, including healthcare, education, marketing, and finance. And with the increased demand for machine learning specialists and engineers also comes an increased need to demystify this field of study. Machine learning can seem like an … Read more

Why Is The James Webb Telescope So Important?

James Webb

The James Webb Space Telescope is the most powerful space telescope ever built, and it was launched in 2021. It was launched as a successor to Hubble and will be able to see back in time farther than any other telescope before it. It has the ability to look at galaxies that existed shortly after … Read more

Is There An Alternative To Artificial Intelligence?

Is There An Alternative To Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been one of the biggest buzzwords of recent years, and it shows no signs of slowing down, with investment in AI companies continually rising. But while AI offers many great benefits, there are also some very real drawbacks to the technology, which are often overlooked. What if there was an alternative to … Read more

Scripting Vs. Programming: Simple Comparison Between The 2 Coding Approaches

Scripting Vs. Programming

I get this question a lot. Is scripting the same thing as programming? Well, they’re similar, but they’re not the same. Programming and scripting involve using a language to write codes that humans or machines could execute. However, programming is often meant to create more extensive programs, like Photoshop or Scratch, while scripting languages are … Read more